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Pit bull attack results in serious personal injuries

A dog bite is one of the most terrifying experiences that a New Jersey resident can face. A personal injury attorney can help dog bite victims obtain the compensation that they deserve by filing a personal injury lawsuit against the dog owner or keeper. Dog owners are strictly liable for the damage that their vicious animals cause and some landlords can even be held accountable for the vicious dogs of their tenants. Remember that the teeth of a dog can be just as dangerous as any manmade weapon. Dog bites are also prone to infection and can have serious long-term effects if not properly treated.

There is a continuing debate as to whether pit bulls are more dangerous than other dogs. One man has serious scarring on his arms and legs after he rescued his neighbor from her pit bull which began to attack her.

“I just remember yelling and screaming and jumping over the fence,” the man said. He still remembers the severe pain of the pit bull’s teeth.

“There was blood all over the floor and all over her,” he said.

The dog continued to be aggressive long after the owner was rushed to the emergency room. A responding police officer got onto his squad car and shot the dog because it kept lunging at a fence and he was unsure whether the fence would hold.

“In this case, it was a threat from a vicious animal that had already mauled a human being. You absolutely have to put the dog down,” the officer said.

Source: TMJ4, “Expert: Pit Bull attacks are quite rare,” Lindsey Morone, Nov. 22, 2011

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