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Monmouth County, NJ and Ocean County, NJ Physician Malpractice

Hazlet Medical Malpractice Attorneys Work Tirelessly to Hold Negligent Physicians Accountable for Harm to Patients

When you or a loved one seek medical treatment from a physician, you expect that he or she will render competent, skilled medical treatment. But if your physician fails to provide you with the level and kind of care that other reasonable doctors would offer in the same circumstances and you or your loved one suffer some sort of harm, such as a worsening of your condition, unnecessary medical treatment, the requirement for more invasive or painful treatment, or even death, you deserve to seek compensation from your physician for the injuries and damages that his or her malpractice has caused you.

Not every bad outcome of medical treatment is the result of a physician’s malpractice. Pursuing a legal claim for compensation for medical malpractice is a factually and legally complex process often requiring expert evidence. If you believe that you or a loved one have suffered harm as a result of your doctor’s malpractice, you need dedicated, experienced legal representation with the skills and resources needed to properly pursue a medical malpractice claim. The medical malpractice attorneys at Drazin & Warshaw are ready to help you and your family secure the compensation and justice you deserve when you’ve been harmed by negligent care from a physician. Contact our firm today to set up a free consultation to discuss your case with one of our knowledgeable attorneys. 

Types of Physician Malpractice in New Jersey

Medical malpractice committed by a physician can take on many different kinds of forms. Some examples of physician malpractice include:

If you believe you or a loved one have been the victim of one or more of the above acts or other negligent care rendered by a physician, contact Drazin & Warshaw today to talk to one of our medical malpractice attorneys about your case.

Drazin & Warshaw Fights for the Rights of Injured Victims of Physician Malpractice in Middletown, NJ

If you’ve been injured by your physician’s negligence, you need aggressive, skilled lawyers who will work tirelessly to secure the financial recovery you and your family deserve. At Drazin & Warshaw, our attorneys have diligently pursued compensation for injured victims for over 70 years. Our attorneys have the experience and expertise to determine when your physician is at fault for the injuries and harm that you have suffered and to identify the parties that may be liable to you for compensation for your damages, including not only the negligent physician but potentially also the hospital where you were treated along with other corporate entities. 

Our firm leaves no stone unturned in fighting to protect your rights and interests and to hold negligent doctors accountable when they harm innocent patients. We work with industry-leading medical experts to help us build a strong, persuasive case that proves how you were harmed by your physician’s negligence and establishes your injuries and the kinds of financial compensation you may be entitled to. Our medical malpractice attorneys do not back down but instead provide aggressive, knowledgeable legal representation for each of our clients. That is why our firm has been successful for over 70 years, securing millions of dollars in compensation for our clients through successful settlement negotiation and through verdicts and judgments won at trial. We are known throughout the legal community for our successful representation of our clients; let us put our experience, knowledge, resources, and skills to work for you.

Schedule a Free Case Evaluation to Speak with Our Experienced New Jersey Physician Malpractice Attorneys

Have you or a loved one suffered injury or illness due to the negligence of a physician? Pursuing a medical malpractice claim can be a factually and legally complex process. Don’t wait another day to start the process of seeking the fair and full monetary compensation you deserve after you’ve been harmed by a doctor’s negligence. Contact or call Drazin & Warshaw today to set up a free consultation with a compassionate, dedicated medical malpractice lawyer to learn more about your legal rights and options. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Physician Malpractice in Monmouth County, NJ and Ocean County, NJ

FAQ: Can I sue the hospital for my physician’s negligence?

Maybe. Many physicians are not employed by the hospitals they work in; instead, the physicians are independent contractors who maintain their own separate medical practices. If your physician is employed by the hospital, you can hold the hospital vicariously liable for the physician’s negligence under the doctrine of respondeat superior. If the physician was not employed by the hospital, you may be able to hold the hospital responsible for its own negligence, if you can show that the hospital was negligent in credentialing the physician.

FAQ: What do I need to prove a physician’s malpractice?

In order to prove a medical malpractice claim, you will need to prove four elements. First, you will need to establish that the physician had a duty to act (or not act) in your specific case; this duty of care is usually defined as the actions that another reasonable physician of similar training and experience would have undertaken under identical circumstances. Next, you must also show how the physician’s actions fell below the required duty of care. Typically, you must rely on the testimony of medical experts to establish the applicable duty of care in your case and how your physician’s conduct fell below this standard. Next, you must prove that your physician’s actions caused you to suffer injury; even if your physician acted or failed to act in a negligent manner, it is not malpractice if the outcome of your treatment would have been no different had your physician acted properly. Finally, your injuries must have caused you to suffer some sort of financially compensable damages.

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