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Ocean County Medical Malpractice Attorneys Can Help When a Missed Diagnosis Causes Irreparable Harm

A diagnosis of cancer can be terrifying. For some it is a death sentence. Finding out that your cancer could have and should have been caught when it was still treatable makes matters even worse. We trust doctors and radiologists to detect these problems early enough to help us heal from them. When doctors fail to use reasonable skill and diligence or otherwise fail in their duties, we are the ones who suffer the consequences. If your life or that of a loved one has been adversely impacted and is now in danger because of a doctor’s negligent failure to diagnose cancer, our law firm will do everything within our power to hold the negligent party accountable.

Drazin and Warshaw, P.C. has spent more than 70 years successfully handling personal injury claims and has extensive experience with medical malpractice claims in New Jersey. Our firm has vast resources at our disposal and can dedicate a team of skilled professionals to evaluate your case and advance legitimate claims. Our attorneys work closely with you to learn about your situation and develop a close relationship with you. We know how devastating a diagnosis of cancer can be. When your treatment is complicated by a delay in diagnosis or if your disease is no longer treatable, we will compassionately work with you to hold the negligent doctors and other medical professionals accountable for their mistakes.

A Medical Treatment Failure That Can Lead to Financial Devastation and Death

Recognizing the symptoms and catching cancer early, when it can still be successfully treated, or when the treatment for early-stage cancer is more tolerable than what is used on advanced cancers, can make all the difference. Delays in diagnosis or misdiagnosis are devastating to a patient and their family. If a doctor is negligent and you are left with treatment options that are less effective or are more toxic and have more complicated side effects, you are entitled to compensation. In many cases, your medical bills may be more than you and your family can afford and you may not survive long enough to pay them.

Doctors and radiologists can fail to diagnose cancer or misdiagnose cancer because of:

Our lawyers work with medical experts to see why and when a misdiagnosis was made or how the failure occurred. We are also sensitive to issues such as how your current prognosis may have been changed had the cancer been caught earlier and what complications you will endure because treatment options have changed during the course of the delay. We use this information and our extensive medical knowledge to prove there was negligence by the doctor or radiologist and to prove the damage done to you.

Our law firm has an extensive list of successful verdicts and settlements that resulted in meaningful compensation for our clients and their families. We have earned a reputation for bringing legitimate, justifiable claims against negligent parties. This reputation helps us during pretrial negotiations because judges and insurance defense lawyers representing doctors, as well as the defendants themselves, know our clients’ claims must be taken seriously. If you are not offered meaningful compensation, we will not hesitate to bring your case to court and fight for maximum compensation on your behalf.

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