After speaking with several attorneys that turned down my case, Mr. Brian Drazin was the first attorney to see that my issue was handled immediately and professionally. He is honest, caring and will go out of his way for you. I feel like a dark cloud has been lifted thanks to Mr. Drazin. To know that you have an attorney that’s on your side and helping you through a difficult time is priceless. If you are looking for an attorney that is attentive, willing to fight for you and spend the time getting to know his clients, Mr. Drazin will exceed your expectations. He is one of a kind and will not disappoint. I highly recommend him!

Ron Drazin, Chris Brown and staff,
Your confidence,knowledge and strength during an unexpected transitional period of my life is greatly appreciated. You always informed me of the best options in resolving my case, your negotiating skills and advice was paramount. Your legal expertise and professionalism went above and beyond my expectations. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
-Nancy C.

Brian & staff were right on target. Set truthful expectations that were achieved flawlessly. Great representation on your behalf. Thank you again.
-JLD Kitchens & Baths

Being a former legal secretary/paralegal, I know the time and dedication involved in preparing PI cases, as well as the ability to empathize and understand a client’s frustrations with the time involved in settling these cases. This time, I was the client and I cannot say enough about the professionalism, respect and genuine concern that was shown to me by Brian Drazin and his staff. It was a long three years and sometimes it felt more like ten years but it was well worth it and Brian got it done! I was in good hands and would highly recommend Brian Drazin as one of the best PI attorneys in the area! Thank you Brian for everything.
-Linda R.

If you are looking for the best Attorney to represent you, look no further, Brian Drazin is simply “The Best”!! We can not say enough about Brian, his diligent & friendly staff, and attentiveness, in which they all possess. Brian’s expert knowledge and full understanding of the Law is remarkable, and surpasses most. You will not find a more intelligent, focused, dedicated, professional, determined, and most of all, conscientious person to represent you. Without hesitation, & with great pleasure, I highly recommend Mr. Brian Drazin to anyone who is in need of legal counsel. Thank you Brian !!
-Natalie P.

Honest & fair. They actually do care about you, unlike so many others out there…
-Charles L.

I was in a horrible accident and left with long term injuries. Brian Drazin and the exceptional people at the Drazin and Warshaw firm helped me way beyond my expectations. Although I will never be the same again the settlement that they obtained for me is life changing. If you need a firm that will fight the insurance companies to get you every dollar they can I highly recommend them. If you have been in an accident it’s a very stressful horrible life event in that the medical bills pile up that can be financially devastating. If you want a firm that cares about you and your families best interest please give them a call. You will be glad that you did.
-Robert S.

I highly recommend Ron Drazin. He helped me not only get to the right people to get the care I needed after my car accident but he fought on my behalf to make sure justice was served. He was very professional and took the time to meet with me many times and always answered all of my questions as well as followed up with me on a regular basis. Chris Brown was also very helpful and professional and helped with my case. The entire practice in Hazlet was a pleasure to work with.
-Dana K.

Ron Drazin represented me in a case that turned out favorably for me. I found him to be very competent and professional. I highly recommend him.
-Anthony D.

I’m a 9/11 WTC survivor and Brian and his staff have represented me in all my government and private sector cases. From day one, Brian and his staff treated me like family. His attention and service to my cases has been outstanding. He obtained excellent results in all my cases, and I would highly recommend his service. Brian and his staff care about his clients.
-John R.

I highly recommend them.
-Sam A.

I sought assistance from Drazin and Warshaw after an accident and am completely satisfied with the results. Mr. Drazin was very professional and honest in his communication. I really appreciate his help!
-Suzette S.

I’ve been a court reporter for 35 years in NY and NJ. Brian Drazin by far is a caring, attentive attorney to his clients – yet you’ll get what you want in a pitbull deposing the opponent. He’s so caring and warm but as soon as he gets on the record he’s a powerhouse. If you need an attorney and you’re fortunate enough to be able to say “Brian Drazin represents me,” you’re in good hands.
-Francine S.

Brian Drazin is one of the best Attorney’s I’ve ever been associated with. He handled an accident case for my family and I and he and his staff were extremely professional and gave us the most incredible customer service you can ever ask for. I remember I called Brian on his cell phone while he was away on vacation and he actually answered the phone and walked me through a situation again while on vacation. Now that’s customer service. My family and I would highly recommend Brian Drazin!
-Charles L.

I am an attorney in NJ. I visited Brian Drazin, Esq. tonight with my wife for her personal injury matter. The meeting was excellent. Brian thoroughly walked us through everything and was very friendly and professional. He made us feel very comfortable and empathized with our situation. My wife particularly thought he was very diligent, informative and extremely knowledgeable. We are both looking forward to working with him and would strongly recommend him.
-Randy E.

Brian Drazin is my attorney. Recently he asked me to be present during the defendant’s deposition hearing. As a Police Investigator I have conducted dozens of interviews and interrogations, so I felt comfortable with his request. The deposition lasted about 90 minutes. During that time I learned that Brian is clearly experienced at the art of interviewing and interrogation. He spoke with confidence and certainty. In my case, Brian had to interview a doctor, therefore he had to have a thorough knowledge of medical terms and procedures. I have to say that there was no guessing on his part. Brian knew exactly what the doctor was talking about. He was able to keep the questions and answers rolling. The doctor’s answer, although sometimes obscure, were clarified because Brian didn’t accept a vague response. Brian Drazin is clearly a professional and an expert in his field. I know I made the right choice. Thank you for representing me Brian.
-PJ B.

I am so pleased to have an attorney with such high regards and dedication to his practice. Friday morning August 4,2017, I contacted the office for an urgent matter at 10:00am, only to find out that Ron wasn’t in on that day. I left a detailed message with his secretary and asked for a call back on Monday morning. At 10:30am I received a call from an unknown number. It’s Ron with all the information I was trying to obtain and the needed results of the matter at hand. Only after 3 lengthy conversations did I at that point find out he was at his daughter’s wedding. Well that brought tears to my eyes knowing that he was there with his child, but I was still as important to him as the day of her wedding. PRICELESS is all I can say other than thank you Ron.
-Jodi J.

Brian made the entire legal process very easy to understand from the beginning right through the completion of our case. Brian worked extremely hard on our case for over three years and we were awarded an excellent settlement figure. I would highly recommend Brian to anyone that needs his legal expertise. If you need the BEST PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY on the entire east coast “call Brian”!!!
-Linda M.

I was a pedestrian hit by a truck in a commercial parking lot when the driver focused on a parking space and never saw me. The truck then rolled over my feet. Brian made the legal process almost stress free and with minimal effort on my part. The settlement far exceeded my expectations and I would recommend Brian Drazin for any personal injury cases.
-Judy T.

The attention and service from Brian Drazin was phenomenal from day one. He is truly passionate about his work and the client. In my case, the result can speak for itself as the litigation aspect of my accident was a success thanks to Drazin and Warshaw. I would recommend Brian Drazin to anyone who has been in a motor vehicle accident.
-Greg A.

If you want an attorney that will represent & fight the legal battle for you 100%, no need to look any further, BRIAN DRAZIN IS THAT MAN. Tell me an attorney that will texts you at 11pm at night, after you left him a message earlier in the day updating him about your health that he inquired about almost a yr after your case is over. That in itself speak wonders about his professional character. It’s not just a case to him, he will take your case on as if it’s his own personal battle. I barely had a case but Brian saw something I didn’t and not only did he take on my case, he won my case. He’s very intelligent and knows how to fight & analyze a case at all angles. My 1st meeting, he said to just focus on getting the medical treatments I needed to get in order to get better, let him know if I run into any problems & he will take care of the rest from this point on. From that point on, I did exactly what he said. 18 medical incisions to my body, 4 major surgery, endless visits to physical therapy, pain management, chiropractor, bio feedback, counseling, etc. Brian was there every step of the way for 5 long yrs, fighting my car insurance, medical insurance & anyone that was preventing me from getting the medical help I needed (insurance doctors). There were some dark days in those 5 yrs but Brian always said there’s light at the end of the tunnel & kept me afloat. I remember that day like it was yesterday, he called him into his office and he handed me a piece of paper. As I read it, tears started rolling down my cheek. A grown 34 yr old man crying. Brian had just settle my case for far more than what I was even expecting. My doctors cannot solve my medical issues 100% but he made sure I was compensated 100% for everything I suffered thru the accident medically, emotionally & physically. I would HIGHLY recommend Brian Drazin to anyone who is seeking legal counsel.
-Imtiaz K.

Mr Brian Drazin and his staff were professional, insightful and diligent while representing me for a MV accident I was involved in. The attention and customer service received throughout my case was excellent. Mr Drazin and Linda Pittalla were available to answer any of my questions or concerns and truly take the time to make sure I understood all my options. It was a real pleasure dealing with Mr Brian Drazin and his staff during this difficult period.
-John S.

2003 I seriously injured my back and had to make a very difficult decision of which lawyer would represent me. It wasn’t difficult at all. I called Brian Drazin immediately. He listened to my every word, investigated, called in experts,aggressively and professionally pursued my case every day without exception or excuses. His tenacity was matched by his honesty… when working not just for me but also for my family. I almost forgot to mention the most important part…HE WON!!!! Where most other law firms would have treated my family and I like just another number Brian made sure that our every concern was professionally and personally cared for….he’s not just our families attorney….he’s our friend.
-Derek N.

Worked with Brian Drazin, great guy and experience – joyful personality and top-notch lawyer. Cares and looks out for his clients.
-Teddy M.

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"Brian made the entire legal process very easy to understand from the beginning right through the completion of our case. Brian worked extremely hard on our case for over three years and we were awarded an excellent settlement figure. I would highly recommend Brian to anyone that needs his legal expertise."

- Linda M.

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