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Just shy of four million babies were born in the United States in 2014, up slightly from the year before. Further, according to prominent researchers, women are having babies later in life; the number of mothers giving birth over age 30 is on the rise, as well. Childbirth may be one of the most natural processes in the world; however, modern medicine and technology makes it undeniably safer than ever before. During the pregnancy, labor or delivery, or even post-childbirth, you deserve the best care and your baby can afford nothing less.

Today, pregnant women seek the trusted care of obstetricians for prenatal care to avoid birth injuries. These specialized physicians, midwives, sonographers, radiologists, as well as labor and delivery nurses and many other healthcare professionals, are involved with a pregnancy from beginning to end. If someone makes a mistake, the resulting injuries to mother and baby can be life-altering or even fatal.

If you or someone you love has suffered injuries following an OB/GYN mistake, you want justice for your family. At Drazin & Warshaw, we are known for successful results on behalf of mothers and their babies who suffered preventable injuries or worse. Our medical malpractice lawyers have the skills and resources to secure meaningful compensation for all the harms and losses allowed under New Jersey law and we will hold the responsible medical professionals accountable for their negligence.

For over 70 years, three generations of Drazin firm lawyers have put NJ clients first, working tirelessly and providing knowledgeable, compassionate legal representation. Allow us to work for your family, too.

Common OB-GYN Mistakes Cause Serious Injuries to Pregnant Women and Their Unborn Babies

It takes nine long months for a baby to grow inside their mother, but it only takes a few brief moments of negligence to cause serious injury and catastrophic outcomes for the mother or her baby. Even if a pregnancy is healthy and proceeding as it should, a sudden medical issue — if not diagnosed properly — can cause a miscarriage or significant harm to the fetus and result in a lifetime of hardship or unimaginable suffering to mother and child. This is true at any point during gestation — including labor and delivery.

Failure to properly monitor the fetus too often leads to avoidable delay and can cause devastating brain injury (known as HIE or Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy) and Cerebral Palsy (or CP). Failing to properly attend to mother or baby postpartum, i.e. after childbirth, can also lead to significant injury.

A great number of obstetrical mistakes are caused by a healthcare worker’s failure to properly monitor the pregnancy.

Failure to Perform a C-Section: When medical professionals do not recognize the need for a Caesarean section in a timely matter or the procedure isn’t performed at all

Failure to Diagnose a Serious Condition: Women must be monitored throughout the pregnancy for such conditions as gestational diabetes, hypertension, pre-eclampsia and others. Additionally, if the baby is very large, is in a breech position or the umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby improperly, and doctors fail to diagnose any of these problems, both mother and child may suffer tragic consequences from this negligent mistake.

Delay in Detecting Distress: If, at any point of the labor and delivery process, the mother or baby are in distress, doctors and nurses have a responsibility to diagnose the problem and take immediate and appropriate action.

Pregnancy Management: Both the mother and baby must be kept healthy throughout the pregnancy. Standard diagnostic tests, such as ultrasounds, should be completed to make sure the pregnancy is proceeding correctly. Genetic counseling should also be employed and testing should be offered to the parents.

Delivery Errors: This includes failed attempts to vaginally deliver a breech baby, misuse of forceps or vacuum tools, delayed C-Section, Erb’s palsy and shoulder dystocia or any mistake with the delivery, as well as other preventable errors that are well documented in the literature.

Medication Errors: If the mother is given the wrong medicine or too much of a drug, whether she is allergic or it doesn’t mix well with other drugs she is taking, severe injuries can result to both mother and child. If there is any problem with the epidural or other pain medications, this, too, can cause serious pain and suffering.

If a medical professional’s mistake caused you or someone you love harm, you can rely on Drazin & Warshaw to hold the negligent parties responsible for their negligence.

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