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New Jersey Landscaping Truck Accident Lawyers

Compassionate Personal Injury Lawyers Work to Secure Compensation for Injured Victims of Landscaping Truck Accidents in New Jersey

Landscaping trucks are often responsible for many accidents involving other motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians in towns and residential neighborhoods throughout New Jersey. Often, we find that the operator of a landscaping truck involved in an accident lacks the training and experience to safely operate a large, heavy, commercial-sized truck. Or landscaping truck drivers drive through residential neighborhoods at speeds more appropriate for a smaller passenger vehicle but unsafe for a large truck. In addition, landscaping trucks often have to maneuver through narrow residential side streets, creating the risk of tragic back-up accidents. 

For more than 70 years, the attorneys of Drazin & Warshaw, P.C. have advocated for the rights and interests of injured accident victims throughout New Jersey. We can help you when you’ve sustained injuries caused by the negligence of landscaping truck drivers and landscaping companies and other parties. We know that simply filing claims with insurance companies isn’t enough to get you the financial recovery you deserve for your injuries. That’s why we’ve built a strong reputation for never backing down when insurance companies and at-fault parties try to avoid their liability to you. Our skilled litigators are fully prepared to fight on your behalf in court and at trial if necessary to secure a favorable outcome to your case.

Contact us for a free consultation to speak with one of our experienced New Jersey landscaping truck accident attorneys to discuss potential next steps in pursuing compensation for your injuries and losses.

Causes of Landscaping Truck Accidents

In most cases, landscaping trucks are driven by employees of the landscaping company, who have been hired for landscaping, lawn care, or gardening, and likely do not have training in the operation of commercial vehicles or a commercial driver’s license. Landscapers must work outside, no matter the weather conditions, often rushing from one customer’s property to the next. As a result, it is easy for a landscaping truck driver to commit an act of carelessness that results in injury to an innocent victim. Some of the most frequent contributing factors to landscaping truck accidents in New Jersey include:

When landscaping truck drivers operate their vehicles in a negligent manner and when landscaping companies fail to ensure that the employees driving their vehicles have the proper training and experience to operate such large vehicles, those parties can be held responsible when an accident occurs.

Drazin & Warshaw Will Fight to Help You Recover from Injuries and Losses Suffered in a New Jersey Landscaping Truck Accident

If you’ve been seriously hurt in a landscaping truck accident, you may be entitled to seek compensation for losses and expenses arising from the accident, including those for medical bills, lost wages, lost earning capacity, lost quality of life, and pain and suffering. The New Jersey landscaping accident attorneys of Drazin & Warshaw can help you to pursue financial recovery from those at fault for your injuries. We have the experience and resources to fully investigate your accident. We also work with accident reconstruction, driving safety, and medical experts to help us build out a strong, persuasive argument for your claim. We also ensure that we’ve identified all liable parties and available sources of compensation, such as insurance coverages so that we know that the compensation we obtain for you is the full compensation available. 

Let our attorneys handle all the hard work in getting you the compensation you deserve so that you can focus on your medical treatment and rehabilitation and on getting back to work and to your normal life. Our goal is to take the stress of the legal claim process off your shoulders.

Contact Our Firm for a Free Consultation to Learn More about How We Can Help in Your Case

If you’ve been the victim of a landscaping truck accident in New Jersey, don’t let another day go by without speaking with the attorneys of Drazin & Warshaw about your legal rights and options. Contact us for a free, no-obligation case review to discuss the accident and your injuries and to learn more about how our firm can help you with your recovery from the harm and losses you’ve endured through no fault of your own.

Frequently Asked Questions about Landscaping Truck Accidents in New Jersey

FAQ: How long will my claim take?

The length of time that a landscaping truck accident will take depends on multiple factors, including whether liability is an issue in your case and the extent of your injuries. If the opposing party accepts responsibility for the accident and your losses and expenses from the accident are known, it may be possible to resolve your claim in a matter of a few months. However, if the opposing parties decide to contest liability or argue that you were partially at fault for the accident, or if you suffered serious injuries and are still undergoing medical treatment and recovery, making your ongoing and future medical and rehabilitation expenses uncertain, it can take longer to resolve your case.

FAQ: Do I have to go to court to pursue a claim for compensation for injuries I suffered in a landscaping truck accident?

Our firm can develop a legal strategy that seeks to resolve your claim without going to court if that is your preference. We can help you explore alternatives to litigation in court, such as settlement negotiations, mediation, or arbitration. We make it our goal to get you the fair and full compensation you deserve as efficiently as possible. Of course, our attorneys will always honestly advise you when we believe that going to court or to trial represents the best option for securing the compensation you are entitled to, especially when the other side is unwilling to agree to a fair settlement.

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