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Doctors are supposed to recognize symptoms and correctly diagnose the diseases that these symptoms indicate. When doctors fail to make a correct diagnosis, your life can be negatively impacted.

The law firm of Drazin and Warshaw, P.C. has more than 70 years of experience in handling medical malpractice cases. Our New Jersey personal injury lawyers understand the devastating results a doctor’s failure to diagnose can have. Our extensive medical knowledge allows us to determine how and when the failure occurred and to explain the full impact this mistake will have on your future to the opposition or to a jury if your case ends up in court. Our firm’s list of verdicts and settlements is extensive.

The size of our law firm allows us to dedicate the required resources to each case we accept. We develop lasting relationships with our clients, learning about their injuries and how this damage affects them now and how it will affect their futures.

Because our firm has a reputation for bringing legitimate claims against negligent parties, the opposition tends to take these claims seriously. This can be to our clients’ advantage during pretrial negotiations. We are aggressive in our pursuit of fair and full compensation and have no fear of bringing a case to trial if we feel our clients are not being treated reasonably.

Failure to Diagnose and Its Effects

A doctor who fails to properly diagnose your condition can do lasting harm. Whether it comes in the form of prescribing medication that worsens your condition or has a negative interaction with another medication you are taking, or leaving a deadly disease untreated, your life is at risk.

Common issues may include:

Many doctors will claim that there is nothing they could have done differently. Do not allow a doctor’s negligent behavior to continue. Bringing a medical malpractice claim can benefit you and others by forcing doctors and medical institutions to examine their processes and accountability to their patients.

Our attorneys consult with medical experts to determine how the misdiagnosis occurred and what the lasting effects on your life may be. Using this information, we pursue maximum compensation on your behalf.

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