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Jon Stewart Advocates for Veterans and First Responders Exposed to Burn Pits

April 27, 2021

A large number of veterans exposed to burn pits say they have developed serious diseases and injuries due to their past exposures.  What are Burn Pits, and What is Burn Pit Exposure? A burn pit is an area devoted to the open-air combustion of trash. Open burn pits are common to dispose of human, military, and even hazardous waste at the United States military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan. These burn pits are typically found outside of the U.S. This was a common practice, but now Researchers see long-term health effects caused by burn pits.  Once somebody has initial…

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What You Should Do If You Slip and Fall in Target

April 26, 2021

Slip and fall accidents are common occurrences in department stores such as Target. However, just because a customer has a slip and fall in a Target store does not automatically mean that the store may be held liable for the accident. Instead, Target or any other retailer can be held responsible for a slip and fall accident only if their negligence in operating and maintaining the store premises was directly and proximately responsible for a customer’s fall. For example, if a frozen display in the grocery section leaks and causes a puddle that a customer slips on, Target can…

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Common Causes of Birth Injuries

April 16, 2021

Birth injuries can have a devastating impact on a baby or young child’s life, especially when serious injuries lead to developmental delays and disabilities. Birth injuries have many possible causes, some of which are attributable to the actions of medical providers involved in the mother’s and baby’s care. When a birth injury is caused by medical malpractice, families deserve to seek financial compensation to help pay for their child’s care. Common Birth Injuries A birth injury is a physical injury that occurs to a baby during pregnancy or during or shortly after delivery. Examples of birth injuries…

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Average Payout for a Bicycle Accident in NJ

April 3, 2021

If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident, you might wonder what kinds of compensation you are entitled to for the injuries and losses you’ve suffered. Generally speaking, the more severe your injuries, the greater the amount of compensation you are likely to receive. What Can You Be Compensated for after a Bike Accident? After a bike accident, you may be entitled to recover compensation for losses and expenses attributed to the injuries and damage you sustained in the crash, including for: Costs of medical treatmentPhysical/occupational rehabilitation or other therapy servicesLost income from missed work, or lost earning…

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Medical Providers Allegedly Covered Up Misdiagnosis of Kentucky Woman’s Cancer

March 4, 2021

A Kentucky woman who suffered from a delayed diagnosis of breast cancer alleges that her medical providers subsequently attempted to cover up their errors. Kentucky Woman’s Breast Cancer Went Undiagnosed for Nearly a Year Kim Johnson, a 53-year-old woman from northeast Kentucky, underwent a mammogram performed by the radiology department at Fleming County Hospital in Flemingsburg, Kentucky, after she had discovered a tender lump in her right breast. Johnson received a letter from the hospital advising her that her mammogram showed “no evidence of cancer.” However, Johnson was in fact suffering from breast cancer, and would only be correctly…

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