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New Jersey compounding pharmacy contaminated by mold

The need for medical assistance is very common for most residents no matter the severity of their medical condition. Having a vast amount and a variety of providers, methods and medications available does open up the possibilities for medical malpractice. Like a driver making a small error that results in a collision, medical staff could make a poor judgment call causing an issue with negligence. When a patient seeks medical help, they do not often expect to be adversely affected when they are treated. This makes it especially important that both patients and medical providers understand the possible outcomes when seeking medical attention as well as ways to avoid any medical errors.

Recently the Food and Drug Administration made an announcement to all doctors and hospital managers about their concerns about a possible mold contamination at a New Jersey compounding pharmacy. This resulted in a nationwide recall that included antibiotics, pain relievers and medications used in surgery and labor. This marks the second time that this compounding pharmacy has issued a recall in less than a year due to contamination. This has resulted in the FDA increasing their level of inspections at not only this location but also at numerous compounding pharmacies across dozens of states.

This recall did not result in any injuries, but incidents such as this could result in serious health injuries or even death. Had a person been affected by a contaminated medication, a medical malpractice suit could be filed. This would be done in order to obtain compensation for medical bills, damages and pain and suffering. Serious consequences could result when and if a person is injured by a medical error.

Implementing and improving inspections and guidelines for medical providers could help reduce the chances of medical malpractice and prescription errors. Even if it means shutting down a facility, it is in their best interest to ensure the health and safety of the patient.

Source: washingtonpost.com, “FDA warns of possible mold contamination as New Jersey pharmacy recalls all compounded drugs,” March 18, 2013

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