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Major Civil Action Taken Against Juul

vape juul

Juul, a company that is known for selling vape products, is now involved in a mass tort litigation process. Dozens of people are coming forward to get involved in the class-action lawsuit against the company for making misleading statements and selling harmful products without making consumers more aware of the potential risks associated with the use of the products.

Juul is known for advertising its products as safe and better to use than cigarettes. It is believed that Juul was targeting teenagers with many of the advertisements that were displayed to the public over the years in an attempt to get these teenagers to purchase and use the product, which would ultimately benefit the company by helping it earn even more of a profit.

Failure to Market Product Properly

While the company marketed its devices as a safe alternative to cigarettes, it failed to mention some of the major risks that come along with using the product. For example, vaping with one Juul cartridge is the same as smoking an entire pack of traditional cigarettes.

Researchers performed studies and found that teenagers did not realize they were consuming so much nicotine. Most teens believed that Juul products were relatively safe to use and were not aware of the potential health hazards. In fact, a large number of respondents believed that they were not consuming nicotine when using Juul products. They assumed that they were simply vaping a flavored e-liquid that did not contain any nicotine at all.

Another way that the company attempted to appeal to the younger generation is through the use of scents that smell good and do not linger very long. Unlike traditional cigarette smoke that is known to leave an odor behind, the scent from vaping with the Juul did not leave a nasty odor at all, which made it more appealing to the teenagers who were using these devices.

Juul Popular Among Teens

Teens seemed to like the size and appearance of the Juul, too. It was designed in such a way to look a lot like a USB device. The sleek and discreet design made it easier for teens to get away with using the Juul while carrying it around with them to different places, including school.

There are currently multiple lawsuits against Juul. Some lawsuits have been filed due to the misleading advertisements that were spread out on social media, television advertisements, and banners. There are claims that Juul says that their products contain less than 20 percent nicotine and are perfect for people who are looking to cut back on their cigarette usage, but this information is simply false.

In addition to lawsuits for misleading advertisements, wrongful death lawsuits have also been filed against Juul. It is believed that an 18-year-old man, David Wakefield, may have passed away due to his constant use of Juul products. It is said that he used Juul for several years and thought it was safe because of the kid-friendly flavors that were offered. It is believed that Wakefield became heavily addicted to the device and eventually suffered from lung complications because of it.

Those who have used Juul may want to consider getting in on one of the class-action lawsuits that are currently taking place.

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