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Facts about impaired driving

Impaired driving can pose a significant risk for an accident on New Jersey roads, making it important for motorists to take the issue seriously. Statistics indicate that approximately 30 individuals die each day around the country in car accidents related to alcohol impairment. However, death and injuries in such incidents can be prevented.

Car accidents caused by impaired driving cost nearly $60 billion per year. Almost one-third of fatalities in auto accidents in the U.S. during 2012 were caused by alcohol impairment. Approximately 20 percent of deaths of children who were 14 years old or younger in car accidents were connected with a driver who was impaired by alcohol. Of children over the age of 14 who expired in alcohol-related incidents that year, more than half were riding with the impaired car driver. Younger drivers reportedly face a greater risk of involvement in such incidents. Impaired motorcyclists also face a high risk of death in an accident. Additionally, statistics indicate that drivers who have prior convictions for impaired driving have a greater incidence of fatal accidents while impaired.

Efforts to curb impaired driving include spreading the word about dangers via graphics and social media. An individual can designate a driver who won’t drink. A companion can take away keys from someone who has had too much to drink. Active enforcement of drinking and driving laws can also help in reducing fatalities and injuries in accidents. By working together, members of a community can promote safe driving and responsible drinking.

An individual who has been seriously injured by an impaired driver might consider filing a personal injury claim based on details related to the level of impairment. Accident reports and eyewitness accounts may be helpful in establishing the individual’s actions leading to the accident.

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