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Individuals in Every Industry Are Susceptible to Workplace Injuries

Any worker is susceptible to a workplace injury, regardless of whether they are a construction worker or a manufacturing plant worker who engages in extensive manual labor, or an office worker who spends much of the day at a desk. However, so long as employees and employers recognize the risks of workplace injuries, they can take steps to mitigate those risks. Some of the more common workplace injuries that workers suffer include:

Overexertion and Repetitive Stress Injuries

If a worker works too hard or too long, it is easy for that worker to become fatigued. Combine that with employers who demand that workers meet certain quotas and push those workers hard, and it is more likely that workers take shortcuts and fail to follow proper procedures, leading to injuries. Overexertion can be avoided by ensuring that adequate staff is on hand and that workers are required to take rest breaks.

Relatedly, a worker can injure him or herself if he or she is required to perform the same motion for long periods of time. Repetitive stress injuries are common in industries such as construction, manufacturing, retail, and clerical work. These injuries can often be avoided by training workers to perform tasks in a more ergonomic manner or using protective equipment.


Falls are among the most common workplace injuries, whether it involves a worker falling or being injured by something falling on them. Workers can fall from heights, off of ladders or stools, down the stairs, or in slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents. Conversely, objects can fall on workers and injure them when they are dropped by other workers from above, if they are not properly secured, or if a worker uses improper methods to retrieve or carry objects. Compliance with regulatory standards, including ensuring that workers use proper safety equipment, can reduce the risk of falls and mitigate the injuries that result from falls. 

Machinery- and Equipment-Related Injuries

Many workplace injuries and fatalities arise from workers being caught, trapped, or crushed by machinery and equipment in the workplace. These accidents can be avoided by ensuring that machinery and equipment are properly maintained and have all required safety features and that workers use safety equipment and follow procedures.


Workers can be exposed to toxic substances or diseases, which can lead to infections or the development of various health maladies. Exposure risk can be reduced by ensuring that workers who may be exposed use protective equipment and follow procedures to reduce exposure or infection.

Safety Measures

Many safety requirements are set forth by OSHA, a federal agency that sets standards for workplace safety. In addition, many industry groups also publish additional safety standards and procedures that employers in those industries should also adopt. Employers should also ensure that their workers are properly equipped with safety protection and receive safety training.

Seeking Compensation for Workplace Injuries

When a worker is injured on the job, he or she may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation is a program under state law that entitles workers to receive benefits if he or she is injured on the job, regardless of how the injury may have occurred or who was at fault for the injury. Injured workers may want to consider seeking legal representation to help them understand and pursue their rights and options for compensation.

Contact Drazin & Warshaw P.C. to Discuss Your Red Bank Workplace Injury

A workplace injury can be devastating, particularly if it prevents you from returning to work for an extended period of time. Although New Jersey Workers’ Compensation laws are supposed to provide you with reimbursement for medical expenses and replacement pay for missed time at work, it is not always easy to get the workers’ comp benefits you deserve. That is why you should speak with a knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer about your situation and get guidance throughout the claims process. The experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at Drazin & Warshaw P.C. represent clients injured by workplace accidents in Edison, Middlesex, Woodbridge Township, New Brunswick, Hazlet and throughout Middlesex County, Ocean County and Monmouth County, New Jersey. Call Drazin & Warshaw, P.C. at (732) 576-8860 or fill out our online contact form today to schedule a  consultation about your work injury case. Our main office is located at 25 Reckless Pl., Red Bank, NJ 07701, and we also have offices in Hazlet and Brick Township.

The articles on this blog are for informative purposes only and are no substitute for legal advice or an attorney-client relationship. If you are seeking legal advice, please contact our law firm directly.

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