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Wisconsin workers’ compensation for brain injuries

Sudden damage to the head caused by striking a hard surface or by a penetrating object can lead to cases of traumatic brain injury. When these injuries happen to Milwaukee residents on the job, these workers can qualify to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Brain injuries may occur in a variety of workplace situations, ranging from construction site accidents to car accidents that occur while worker is traveling in the course of his or her employment.

Those suffering from traumatic brain injury can experience symptoms ranging from mild to severe depending on where and how much of the brain is damaged. The symptoms may include headache and nausea, vomiting, confusion, slurred speech and dizziness.

Immediate and certain medical care is required in these cases to ensure blood flow to the brain, adequate blood pressure and sufficiency in other essential bodily functions. The effects of a traumatic brain injury cannot be reversed. Emergency medical intervention seeks to stabilize the victim to prevent any additional injury and to treat any other injuries to the victim.

X-rays or CT scans of the head and neck can be used to determine the location and extent of the brain injury. Surgery is sometimes needed to repair damaged blood vessels or brain tissue.

After treatment, traumatic brain injury victims may receive benefit from physical therapy, speech and language rehabilitation. Counseling may also be helpful to help patients cope with their injuries. Workers who suffer traumatic brain injury may desire to hire an attorney to assist them in processing their claim for workers’ compensation benefits which can help pay for these services.

Traumatic brain injury victims can continue to suffer from speech and language issues long after the initial incident. They may also experience mood changes, behavior issues and difficulties in communicating with others. Challenges to the senses particularly vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell may also be present.

Source: National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, “TBI Information Page.”

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