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Road debris causes truck to swerve, resulting in crash

New Jersey residents are well aware that early morning commutes are often plagued by heavy traffic. Large amounts of vehicles are en route to their destination, and potential road hazards such as debris and whether could cause an accident involving numerous vehicles. Truck accidents often result in great damage, since the enormous vehicles can overtake smaller ones and destroy safety barriers on the roads. The accident site of a truck crash could be quite large and could pose additional risks to drivers traveling through.

In an early morning commute on Interstate 80 West, a truck was traveling in Hope Township when a vehicle ahead of them lost a tire. The tire remained on the interstate, and when the truck driver noticed the debris in the road, the driver swerved to avoid colliding with the tire. This resulted in the truck traveling off the interstate and onto Route 521 where it collided head on with a car. New Jersey State Police responded to this incident and provided medical treatment to those involved. The level of injuries suffered was not serious or life threatening. Emergency crews had route 521 closed for about an hour in order to provide emergency car to the drivers and clear away any debris left at the accident scene.

The accident still remains under investigation. Any details surrounding the vehicle that lost the tire and the speed of the truck driver were not reported at this time. A person injured in an accident like this might have a personal injury claim for the injuries they have suffered. Compensation for the suit would go towards covering medical bills, lost wages, damages and pain and suffering.

The reaction time and reduction of speed for trucks is significantly different than automobiles. It is important that all drivers watch their speed and use extra caution in times of increased traffic. Drivers should be aware of the distance they leave between the vehicles in front of them. Lastly, drivers should always be on the lookout for potential hazards on the road such as debris.

Source: The Express-Times, “Truck, trying to avoid tire, leaves Interstate 80 West in Hope Township and hits car on Route 521” Tony Rhodin, Dec 21, 2012

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