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Reducing accidental exposure to infections through CDC campaign

People in Monmouth County do not expect that they will suffer even further complications after they are treated in a medical facility. However, medical mistakes happen frequently all across the country. Those mistakes can lead to injuries and even death.

In order to prevent the spread of infection, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention launched the One and Only Campaign. The campaign is designed to remind health care workers to use one syringe and one needle on each individual patient when administering injections. The campaign is in response to the thousands of people who have inadvertently been exposed to serious infections like hepatitis and HIV.

However, some in favor of green alternatives believe hospitals should be looking for ways to reduce medical waste. A reported 7,000 tons of medical waste are produced every day in the United States. While advocates aren’t asking for hospitals to reuse needles and syringes, they think reusing other medical equipment may cut down on the amount of waste produced by hospitals every year.

If hospitals choose to reuse equipment, they must sure medical instruments are properly cleaned. A February report by the Today Show revealed that some patients have suffered harm as a result of improperly cleaned surgical instruments.

People in New Jersey and beyond expect to receive proper care and treatment by trained medical professionals. After all, when people are suffering from ailments, they turn to medical professionals for answers.

Legal action can be taken when a patient is harmed by a negligent medical professional. People who believe they have been harmed by a medical mistake would be wise to consult with an experienced attorney.

Source: The Daily Beast, “Why Green Hospital Practices Could Make You Sick,” Kent Sepkowitz, Jan. 14, 2013

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