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Red light camera catches dramatic New Jersey car accident

Police in the New Jersey town of Roselle Park have released footage from red light safety cameras showing a dramatic car crash. In the video a car speeds through the intersection, collides with another vehicle, hits a curb and a pole, becomes airborne and flips over. Authorities estimate that the car was traveling between 55 and 62 miles-per-hour when it collided with the other car. The driver did not appear to slow down or make any effort to avoid the car accident as it approached the lane of moving traffic.

Local police say that they released the footage to show New Jersey residents the very real danger of running a red light.

“By showing this video, we hope people will realize running red lights can have tragic consequences,” said the police chief. He added that law enforcement has been focusing on reducing red light running because it causes so many car accidents that often result in serious injuries or death.

The driver sustained only minor injuries and has been charged with a DWI. The other driver is reportedly unharmed.

Some New Jersey residents have protested the installation of red light cameras, but the data shows that the devices make a significant impact on dangerous driving behavior. At the intersection shown in the video, red light running has declined by about 47 percent since the cameras were installed.

Running a red light and driving drunk are both against the law and considered negligent behavior. Drivers who caused accidents by running red lights are likely liable for the damages caused by that accident.

Source: CBS New York, “Slow Down, Roselle Park: Police Chief Releases Video of Crash Caused by Running Red Light,” July 12, 2012.

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