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Pistachios Distributor Issues Voluntary Recall after Reported Outbreak of Salmonella

A major distributor of pistachios has issued a product recall after a reported Salmonella outbreak in nine states.

The potentially dangerous food products were distributed under two brand names: Wonderful Pistachios and Paramount Farms. The recalled pistachios are sold in stores throughout the United States, in addition to Canada, Mexico and Peru. Although no one has become seriously ill, or died, due to consumption of the recalled pistachios, at least 11 people have suffered Salmonella poisoning after eating the affected items. Additionally, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a statement warning that some people may not be showing symptoms yet because it can take an average of two to four weeks for a person to become ill from Salmonella poisoning.

The pistachios recall was deemed necessary by the product distributor because an outbreak of Salmonella could have deadly consequences. Salmonella is a serious bacterial infection that can lead to significant health consequences, including diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramps. Every year, Salmonella results in approximately one million foodborne illnesses in the United States and requires nearly 20,000 hospitalizations, according to the CDC. In the worst cases, Salmonella poisoning can lead to death: 380 people die from salmonella contamination each year in the U.S. Many of the most tragic cases of Salmonella poisoning involve elderly people, young children and other individuals with potentially weakened immune systems.

Coincidentally, another food distributor recently announced its own voluntary recall of products due to the risk of Salmonella poisoning. Texas Star Nut and Food Co., which sells pistachios and other food items in stores across Texas and Louisiana, issued a statement indicating that none of the affected products have been connected to illnesses. Nonetheless, the company is still issuing the recall as a preventative measure.

To learn more about these product recalls, read the Newsweek.com article, “California Pistachios Recalled after Salmonella Outbreak.”

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