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Passengers and crewmembers injured after plane accident

On a daily basis, residents of New Jersey and all around the nation utilize mass transit vehicles to get to their destinations for work or vacation. Whether it is a bus, subway, train, boat or plane, travelers should be aware of the risks associated with these types of transportation. Although numerous safety precautions are instilled to avoid any incidents or delays, if an accident were to occur, multiple passengers could suffer a personal injury. An accident of this magnitude ultimately affects a large amount of people, and even friends and family members who were not directly involved.

A mass transit accident recently occurred when the landing gear malfunctioned on a Southwest Airlines jet that was landing at La Guardia Airport. Preliminary reports indicate that more than 10 passengers aboard the plane were injured and caused the busy airport to temporarily close while emergency crews tended to the injured and authorities began investigation.

It is not clear at this time what caused the plane accident, but some speculations have been reported. Some say the landing gear collapsed as the plane was taxing while others have stated that the landing gear collapsed while the plane landed. What is clear at this time is that the landing gear malfunctioned at around 5:40 p.m. when the plane arrived at the airport after its flight from Nashville International Airport.

Those that were injured, which included around six of the 149 passengers and at least three crew members, all complained of neck and back pain. Four were treated on site while the remaining injured passengers were transported to the hospital. Roughly four passengers suffered anxiety attacks as a result of the accident. Those that were injured or affected by the accident could file a personal injury claim against the airline. The suit could result in compensation form medical bills, lost wages, damages and pain and suffering.

Involvement in a mass transit accident can be very traumatic. It can be an emotional time for those injured and their loved ones. It could take time to recover from both the injuries suffered and the mental or emotional impact the accident caused. It is important that those affect get medical treatment and have any financial burdens covered.

Source: Global Travel Industry News, “Southwest Airlines accident in New York,” July 22, 2013

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