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Ex-New Jersey cop in court for deadly drunk driving motorcycle crash

A few months ago we discussed a deadly motorcycle accident caused by an ex-New Jersey police officer. Authorities say that the officer was driving on the wrong lane of Route 512 on July 1st when he barreled into a group of motorcyclists on their way to a funeral. The drunk driving accident resulted in the death of two of the motorcyclists and the injury of several others.

The last motorcyclist in the pack said that he was uninjured in the crash. He testified at a preliminary hearing held last Friday in connection with the ex-cop’s criminal charges arising out of this crash. When asked whether he could drive his motorcycle home after the accident he responded, “Yes, but I had one friend leave in a helicopter, three in an ambulance and two by the coroner.”

The motorcyclist also described the heated argument that the ex-cop got into with one of the injured motorcyclists after the crash.

“He screamed, ‘You’re sorry, you [expletive] maniac?! What did you just do?’ ” the motorcyclist testified. “I kept saying to him, ‘You just killed my brothers.’ ”

The ex-cop will face several serious charges in connection with this accident including vehicular homicide, drunk driving, and aggravated assault.

“I kind of think that there isn’t going to be any winners in here. It’s all just losers, unfortunately for our families,” said the brother of one of the deceased motorcyclists. The man’s brother and another motorcyclist died from severe blunt force drama to their torsos, internal organs and heads.

Source: WFMZ, “Ex-cop heads to trial for double deadly crash,” Kimberly Davidrow, Sept. 23, 2011; The Morning Call, “‘You just killed my brothers’” Pamela Lehman, Sept. 23, 2011

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