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Defective Air Bags Could Prompt Additional Vehicle Recall by General Motors

General Motors (GM) could soon be forced to issue yet another massive recall of motor vehicles with defective air bags.

The recall would come on the heels of multiple earlier vehicle recalls. In May 2015, GM recalled 1.9 million cars containing potentially defective Takata air bags. The next month, the recall was expanded to cover another 600,000 defective vehicles.

The additional recall could potentially cost General Motors another $550 million. A securities filing by GM indicates that replacing the air bag inflators in 4.3 million more vehicles would add hundreds of millions to the total cost of the recall, which is already at $320 million. The extreme costs involved may help to explain why the automaker has yet to voluntarily issue the recall. It remains very possible that the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will ultimately force the hand of the automotive company and make the recall mandatory.

To date, more than 60 million vehicles containing the defective Takata air bag inflators have already been recalled by 17 different automakers. The recalls were necessitated by reports of serious car accidents that have resulted in more than 100 accident-related injuries and at least 13 deaths.

The specific problem with the Takata air bags is that the air bag inflators can rupture after being exposed to moisture in humid climates. When the air bags explode, metal shrapnel can fly into vehicle drivers and passengers.

However, GM has previously denied that any of the company’s vehicles are defective. In fact, the company issued a statement indicating that “further testing and analysis will demonstrate that the vehicles do not present an unreasonable risk to safety.” According to GM, the air bag inflators in the company’s cars have a unique design that prevents ruptures.

For more information about this auto recall, read the Yahoo.com article, “GM Says It May Recall 4.3 Million Vehicles over Takata Air Bags.”


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