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Claims Involving Ferry or Boating Accidents; Common Carriers

Common carriers are held to the highest standards of care to prevent injuries to passengers. This rule of law applies to all forms of public transportation. Thus, ferry companies, as common carriers of passengers, must use a high degree of care to protect passengers from harm. Failure to exercise this high standard of care will subject the company to liability for all harms and losses suffered by injured passengers. This standard enhances the potential to successfully establish liability where negligent actions of the captain or crew, maintenance issues with the vessel and other more traditional theories of liability can be used for a multitude of accidents

Because maritime laws also come into play and could potentially limit the liability of the vessel’s owners to the value of the ship. This is especially important in the case of accidents involving multiple passengers. A law firm familiar with these unique laws governing maritime accidents can effectively combat this strategy. However, prompt investigation and timely efforts to properly file the claims on behalf of victims is essential to defeat the legal maneuvers that are typically used by the vessel’s owners to limit their liability.

When it comes to protecting your rights, ensuring you are treated fairly and maximizing your chances of receiving just compensation, experienced personal injury lawyers are recommended. When successful prosecution of your case requires navigation through complex legal issues and unique maritime law defenses hiring a law firm with a proven track record is essential.

Drazin and Warshaw, P.C. P.C. has handled maritime accidents for seriously injured passengers for decades. We have successfully overcome efforts to avoid responsibility and/or limit liability for accidents involving injuries on the high seas and in ports throughout NY and NJ. We have a network of lawyers and experienced specialists who can investigate and prosecute your case to ensure justice for the injured. If you or a family member needs advice for injuries in a ferry boat accident, including the January 9th Sea Streak crash or other marine accident a free consultation can be arranged by calling 732 576 8860.

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