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Brain oscillations can cause trauma

New Jersey residents may be surprised to discover that the cumulative effect of many instances of small brain hits against the interior of the skull can be just as serious as a single serious blow. Brain inertia is credited with being the reason for such problems. Suddenly stopping movement of the head can cause the brain to bump into the skull, which can lead to injury.

Studies indicate that an oscillation rate of 15 hertz as the brain moves inside the skull can be damaging. Common actions like turning to look at an item register an oscillation rate of 5 hertz, while contact sports can result in oscillation levels of up to 20 hertz. Traumatic brain injuries have received extensive attention in recent years due to the health effects experienced by professional athletes in high-profile cases, leading to extra precautions in both the gear used and in the treatment of athletes after they have suffered significant blows to the head. However, findings related to internal brain bumps may lead to additional precautions in sports as athletic activity at all levels is evaluated in terms of potential brain injury from these tiny bumps.

Approximately 1.7 million individuals are diagnosed with traumatic brain injury in the United States each year, but at least 80 percent of these injuries are not connected to concussions. As health care professionals evaluate such cases, questions about contact sports may be important in identifying causes of symptoms such as dizziness and headaches. Meanwhile, sports programs at various levels may be impacted as the need to better protect all players from injuries related to brain inertia is addressed.

An individual who experiences symptoms of TBI after having spent many years playing a contact sport might wonder about what caused the injury. An attorney may be able to help determine whether the damage resulted from the negligent act of others, which could give rise to a civil suit seeking damages from the responsible parties.

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