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Motorcycle Awareness Can Save Lives

By increasing their knowledge of motorcycles, motorists can help lower the number of accidents involving vehicles and motorcycles.

With the warm summer weather in Red Bank, motorcycles are a common sight on roads and this means the risk for a motorcycle accident becomes higher. NJ.com recently reported that a motorist was turning left when a motorcycle hit his vehicle in Wayne Township. It is not certain whether the motorist was turning in front of the motorcycle but the biker died after he was transported to a nearby hospital.

The New Jersey State Police 2013 fatal crash report shows that 57 motorcycles were involved in 54 crashes which resulted in death. It is unknown whether the 54 deaths were motorcycle riders, passengers or others. Nationwide that same year, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety stated that 13 percent of all deaths associated with motor vehicle accidents were motorcyclists, amounting to 4,381 people.

Perception issues

In many cases where motorists have hit a motorcycle, they will tell the officer that they didn’t see the cycle. Researchers say this may not be far from the truth as a recent study in Texas shows that motorists are often unable to determine how far away a motorcycle is and what its accurate size may be. According to RideApart.com, the human brain uses many different sources of information to compute perception and if the information sources are not accurate, it can lead the brain to an incorrect conclusion.

This inaccurate perception could cause motorists to think that a smaller object is further away while a larger object is closer, when this may not be true. It can also trick motorists into wrong decisions about how slow or fast a vehicle is traveling because of its size. This could explain why the majority of motorcycle-vehicle crashes occur at intersections and motorists do not appear to see the motorcyclist.

Motorcycles are different from vehicles

While understanding perception is one way that people can increase their awareness of motorcycles around them, they should also recognize that motorcycles operate differently from passenger cars. These differences include the following:

Additionally, motorcycles’ visibility is a challenge so bikers will often change from one side of their lane to the other in order to see what is up ahead. Motorists who try to share a lane with a biker are putting themselves and the biker at risk.

When Red Bank bikers are involved in an accident involving a passenger vehicle, their injuries can be severe. Therefore, they may find it helpful to meet with an attorney.

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