Infant Death in New Jersey Highlights Need to Avoid Recalled Products

When infant products are recalled by their manufacturers, many of them stay in circulation, creating continuing dangers for children.

Earlier this year, an eight-month-old child in New Jersey suffocated when she became trapped between her infant recliner and a crib bumper. The tragic death was due the use of a recalled product, which has been blamed for at least five previous infant deaths across the nation.

The Nap Nanny was designed to help infants who have reflux, allergies or other similar issues. The infant recliner mimics the curves of a car seat, elevating the baby’s head and upper body. The manufacturer recalled some of the Nap Nanny models in 2010 after the wrongful death of another infant. By 2013, after nearly 100 injuries and more deaths, the manufacturer finally recalled all models of the device and the company is no longer in business.

Just two months ago, a recall was also issued for batteries in numerous models of Summer Infant baby video monitors. According to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC), rechargeable batteries in the devices overheat and rupture, causing burn injuries as well as property damage. Nearly one million batteries are subject to this recent recall.

Dangerous products stay in circulation

Unfortunately, despite recalls of dangerous or defective products, many times those products continue to remain in circulation. A recall requires retail stores to remove the defective products from their shelves but, unless consumers destroy the items or return them to stores or manufacturers, people continue to use, give away or resell dangerous purchases.

Infant clothing, toys and care products are popular hand-me-down and garage sale items. As products change hands, notifications regarding recalls do not make it to the current owners. While second-hand owners can check for issued recalls on recently acquired products, many will not take the time to research every item they own.

Protecting your family from defective products

While there is no foolproof way to protect your children or other loved ones from defective or dangerous products, you can do some things that may help:

You can also help others avoid dangers by reporting unsafe products through the CPSC website and destroying or returning items subject to recalls.

Help for injury victims

If you or someone you loves suffers an injury due to a defective product, contact an experienced personal injury attorney. A New Jersey lawyer knowledgeable about product liability claims can help you and your family recover such losses as medical treatment, lost wages and pain and suffering.


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