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Workers use a wide range of chemicals on a daily basis, trusting that these chemicals are reasonably safe for use. Unfortunately, far too frequently the effects of exposure to particular chemicals are not disclosed and workers only learn of the dangers years later, after the damage has been done.

At the law firm of Drazin and Warshaw, P.C., we have served as the voice for victims in New Jersey for over 65 years. With offices in Red Bank, Hazlet and Brick, we provide convenient representation for clients throughout Central New Jersey.

Dennis Drazin, along with his father, Louis M. Drazin, was an early pioneer in holding automakers responsible for exploding gas tanks and vehicles that rolled over in accidents. Dennis and his brother Brian Drazin, along with another member of the firm, Thomas J. Dichiara, were at the forefront of merging environmental law and personal injury law into the field of toxic torts in New Jersey. Their efforts led to new case law upon which claims against polluters can now effectively be prosecuted.

We were involved in the landmark toxic tort decision of Kenney v. Scientific, Inc., the first case in New Jersey that established strict liability on the part of generators and haulers of toxic materials, as well as landfill operators that accepted the toxic waste.

Monmouth County, New Jersey Personal Injury Attorneys Who Can Handle the Challenges of Toxic Tort Cases

Toxic tort cases can be particularly challenging. There are often multiple responsible parties, and any legal action must consider all sources of potential liability. It is important to select an attorney with the skill and experience needed to address these complex issues.

Insurance companies respect our firm and our lawyers. They understand that we only pursue legitimate legal claims. As a result of this fact, they treat each case we handle very seriously.

Unlike many other types of product liability claims, there is often no single event causing the harm for a toxic tort. With toxic torts, the harm generally comes from long-term exposure to a chemical. As a result, toxic tort cases often require a knowledgeable attorney to establish difficult issues related to causation.

Knowledgeable Middletown, NJ Personal Injury Lawyers with the Resources and Experience to Get Results for Legitimate Claims

Drazin & Warshaw is a firm with the resources to thoroughly investigate toxic tort cases and the skill to present these cases to a judge or jury. We know that fighting giants never goes out of style — and we are willing to take on even the largest corporations.

We have a careful screening process for legal matters. We only pursue legitimate legal claims, where people have been seriously injured as the result of negligence. When you come to our firm, we’ll provide you with a candid evaluation of your potential claims — and we’ll help you understand your chances of success. If we don’t believe that you have a legitimate claim, we’ll let you know.

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For general information about injury claims, please visit our frequently asked questions section. For specific information about your legal claims, it is best to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. Call any of our three convenient office locations, in Red Bank, Hazlet or Brick, or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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